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an audiologist examining a young girl's earDo you or your child have so-called “normal” hearing but still struggle to understand what others are saying? If so, you may benefit from seeing an expert audiologist at Hearing Smile Professionals in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for an auditory processing disorder (APD) evaluation. We specialize in adult and pediatric audiology, and we offer comprehensive APD testing and customized therapy plans. 

What Is an Auditory Processing Disorder? 

An APD is a complex sound recognition issue that is often mistakenly attributed to hearing loss, a learning disability, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A patient with an APD may hear very well; the difficulty lies in making sense of what was heard. Even though the ears transmit the sounds to the brain, the brain does not properly translate those sounds, resulting in a garbled message that creates misunderstanding and confusion.  

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) 

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) presents a variety of symptoms that can significantly impact daily life for both adults and children. Common signs include difficulty understanding speech in noisy environments, trouble following multi-step directions, frequent misinterpretation of verbal instructions, and asking for repetition. Individuals with APD might also exhibit poor listening skills, struggle with distinguishing between similar-sounding words, and experience challenges with reading, spelling, and comprehension. 

Causes of Auditory Processing Disorder 

The causes of APD can be diverse, encompassing genetic predispositions, brain injuries, and developmental disorders. In some cases, APD may be linked to premature birth, chronic ear infections, or neurological conditions.  

Difference Between Hearing Loss and Auditory Processing Disorder 

It’s crucial to differentiate between hearing loss and APD. Hearing loss involves reduced ability to hear sounds and is often measured by audiometric tests. In contrast, APD affects the brain’s ability to process auditory information, meaning that while individuals with APD might have normal hearing ability, they struggle with interpreting and making sense of sounds, especially in complex listening environments. 

Impact of Auditory Processing Disorder on Daily Life 

APD can profoundly affect daily life. Academic performance might suffer due to difficulties in following lectures and instructions. Social interactions can be strained as miscommunication leads to misunderstandings and frustration. Additionally, the emotional toll of struggling to process auditory information can impact self-esteem and overall well-being. Recognizing and addressing APD is essential for improving the quality of life for those affected. 

Hearing Smile Professionals Can Help 

Hearing Smile Professionals offers reliable diagnostic audiology services that can detect APDs. Our audiologists utilize state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, including highly tuned and calibrated hearing instruments, to evaluate auditory issues in a soundproof room. For children, an early and accurate diagnosis is critical because an auditory processing disorder can delay speech and language development. However, with the right treatment, a child with an APD can learn to communicate to the best of their ability and eliminate barriers to academic success. 

Setting Patients Up for Success 

At Hearing Smile Professionals, we are passionate about helping our patients overcome their auditory issues so they can communicate better and reach their full potential. Contact us today to learn more about our adult and pediatric audiology services or to request an appointment with an expert audiologist in Lancaster, PA. 

“Every experience I've had, from start to finish has been a positive one. You have all gone over the top to make this experience kind, positive, and enjoyable… thank you, you are very much appreciated. ”

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“When I met Dr. Elliot, she was really helpful and she gave me all kinds of tips and she gave me hearing devices that have helped me in school and upped my grades… I’m getting work done faster and it’s not that hard to focus and it’s easier to do work…. [Therapy] has helped me a lot with my memory and doing stuff in life and school... It’s hard at the beginning, and it’s a long drive but it pays off in the end.”

“Every experience I've had, from start to finish has been a positive one. You have all gone over the top to make this experience kind, positive, and enjoyable… thank you, you are very much appreciated. ”

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