We Offer In-Person & Virtual Auditory Processing Disorder Therapy in Lancaster, PA 

a girl smiling while receiving virtual therapy with her laptopAn auditory processing disorder (APD) occurs when a child or adult with normal hearing has difficulty understanding spoken words and other sounds. Rather than a hearing loss, an APD is an issue with the brain-to-ear connection that interferes with the ability to focus and communicate. Although there is no cure, there are several effective ways to improve listening, concentration, and communication. Hearing Smile Professionals offers both in-person and virtual auditory processing disorder therapy using the Buffalo model in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

What Does Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment Involve? 

Although APD therapy is sometimes referred to as auditory training, it is not a form of hearing loss rehabilitation. Instead, it is a series of active listening and problem-solving techniques. At Hearing Smile Professionals, we tailor the type, frequency, and intensity of auditory processing disorder therapy to the age and needs of the patient. It is beneficial for people of all ages. In children, early intervention is always key, and we can see children as young as three or four years old. Neuroplasticity continues throughout our lives, so adults also benefit from auditory training. 

Progress Monitoring & Adjustments 

At Hearing Smile Professionals, we closely monitor progress throughout APD therapy to ensure personalized and effective treatment outcomes. Through regular assessments, we evaluate auditory processing abilities using standardized tests, behavioral observations, and feedback from patients and caregivers. These evaluations provide valuable insights into each individual’s progress, identifying strengths and areas needing further development. 

Goal setting is crucial, with specific, measurable objectives established collaboratively with patients and caregivers. These goals focus on improving areas like speech recognition in noisy environments or auditory memory skills, providing clear benchmarks for therapy progress. 

Adjustments to treatment plans are made based on ongoing assessments and feedback. Our approach ensures therapy remains dynamic and effective, with modifications including changes to session content, frequency, or intensity to meet individual needs. By staying responsive to patient progress, we aim to enhance auditory processing skills and overall quality of life for individuals with APDs. 

In-Person & Virtual Therapy Options 

We offer both in-person and virtual APD therapy sessions at Hearing Smile Professionals, allowing flexibility to accommodate diverse patient needs and preferences. In-person sessions offer direct interaction with audiologists, fostering hands-on guidance and immediate feedback during exercises. This approach enhances engagement and allows for real-time adjustments to therapy plans based on patient reactions. 

Virtual therapy, on the other hand, provides convenience and flexibility, eliminating travel time and allowing sessions from the comfort of home. It promotes accessibility for patients in remote areas or with mobility challenges, ensuring consistent therapy access. While virtual sessions maintain therapeutic effectiveness through video conferencing and specialized software, some activities may require modification to replicate in-person engagement fully. 

At Hearing Smile Professionals, both options are tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring continuity of care and maximizing therapeutic outcomes based on patient preferences and clinical recommendations. 

Take Advantage of This Helpful Resource 

If you are a parent or teacher of a child who seems to have auditory processing issues, or if you have received an auditory processing disorder diagnosis yourself, reach out to Hearing Smile Professionals in Lancaster, PA. We offer personalized auditory processing disorder therapy that can help you hear and communicate to the best of your ability. 

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