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At Hearing Smile Professionals, we know that an auditory issue can have a life-altering impact at every stage of life. As a parent or teacher, you may notice that a child is having trouble hearing, understanding, and communicating. Or perhaps you are experiencing these issues yourself. Either way, audiology testing is the first major step toward a better quality of life. The team at Hearing Smile Professionals is pleased to offer diagnostic audiology services, including hearing tests and auditory processing evaluations, for children and adults in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

We Specialize in Auditory Processing Disorder Evaluations

Listening is a complex process that involves both the ears and the brain. The ears send sounds to the brain via the auditory nerve. The brain then interprets the sounds; for instance, it may determine that the sound is a teakettle whistling or a dog barking. An auditory processing disorder (APD) occurs when sounds are clearly heard but not fully understood.

Because APDs often masquerade as hearing loss, an accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure appropriate treatment. At Hearing Smile Professionals, we perform various types of audiology testing to diagnose APDs, including:

  • Speech-in-noise testing – Using single-syllable recorded word recognition lists, we evaluate the patient’s understanding of sounds amid different levels of background noise.
  • Staggered spondaic word testing – We ask the patient to repeat various words sent to each ear. In some instances, the words are sent at different times (non-competing words); in others, they are sent simultaneously (competing words).
  • Phonemic synthesis testing – We ask the patient to identify complete words sent sound-by-sound to both ears (a sound-blending test).

To ensure highly accurate results, we perform audiology testing in a soundproof room using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, including precisely tuned and calibrated hearing instruments.

We Create Hearing Smiles

Contact Hearing Smile Professionals today to schedule a hearing evaluation in Lancaster, PA. As our patient, you will benefit not only from our extensive experience and advanced treatment technology but also from our compassionate approach to providing top-notch audiology testing.

“When I met Dr. Elliot, she was really helpful and she gave me all kinds of tips and she gave me hearing devices that have helped me in school and upped my grades… I’m getting work done faster and it’s not that hard to focus and it’s easier to do work…. [Therapy] has helped me a lot with my memory and doing stuff in life and school... It’s hard at the beginning, and it’s a long drive but it pays off in the end.”

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