The Types of Auditory Processing Disorders We Treat in Lancaster, PA

a child holding a hand to her ear with a graphic of the inner ear next to herAn auditory processing disorder (APD) is a condition that affects the way the brain processes sounds. Many people who have an undiagnosed APD believe they have hearing loss, but that may not be the case. Instead, they may be hearing the sounds fine, but their brain is not processing the information correctly. Because an auditory processing disorder can cause learning difficulties and social challenges, an early diagnosis and treatment are important. If you suspect that you or a child you know has an APD, you can turn to Hearing Smile Professionals in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

After confirming an auditory process disorder diagnosis, an audiologist at Hearing Smile Professionals will further evaluate the APD to determine its type. Each type of APD has specific characteristics and management strategies, and some people have more than one. The different types of auditory processing disorders include:


An individual with decoding APD will often mishear speech without realizing it. They may be unable to distinguish similar sounds or keep up with conversations, especially in the presence of background noise.


An individual with prosodic APD may have trouble understanding the nonverbal aspects of communication, such as pitch, tone, emphasis, inflection, and implied meaning. They may also speak in monotone and struggle to understand cause and effect.


An individual with integration deficits may be unable to multitask while listening, such as taking notes while attending a lecture or having a conversation while typing. They may also have difficulty synthesizing information so it can be utilized.


An individual with organizational processing issues may have difficulty remembering categories of information, especially if it must be recalled in a specific sequence. This can make it especially challenging to follow long or multistep directions.

If you have questions about the different types of auditory processing disorders, contact Hearing Smile Professionals today to request a consultation with an audiologist in Lancaster, PA. We proudly provide advanced, specialized care for all types of APDs.

“What a breath of fresh air having an office that cares about the client and actually listens. This was a gold star experience in customer service.”

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“What a breath of fresh air having an office that cares about the client and actually listens. This was a gold star experience in customer service.”

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